About Us

GULBARGA CHARITABLE & WELFARE TRUST is a NGO working for the welfare of poor section of the society

A few NRI members of Gulbarga District (Karnataka), based in Saudi Arabia, have decided to form a NGO /welfare and charitable trust with the help of the locals in order to work for eradicating poverty,bring importance of education and to create self-employment opportunities among the financially deprived men and women of the society.

Gulbarga Charitable and Welfare Trust (GCWT) is a Gulbarga based NGO. It is non profitable, non political and non religious. It was established in 2007 and registered with Government of Karnataka in the year 2009.

Gulbarga Charitable & Welfare Trust

Name Gulbarga Charitable & Welfare Trust
 Abbreviated GCWT
Registration The Trust was established in 2007 under the cooperative society act and the registration number is  Book  4  No 242/2009-10
Status Trust (Non-Government Organization)
Geographical coverage Urban and Rural Gulbarga district including all Talukas
Management Trust management consist of, President, Vice President, General Secretary, joint secretary, Treasurer, Press Secretary & Members of core committee, President & Vice president based in Gulbarga
How decisions are made After receiving applications, Enquiry is conducted and after receiving report and remark from the enquiry officer, decision is taken to support the applicant and all decision are made by the through discussion & consultation with in the managing team & Core committee members. In the urgent matters and Emergency, President is Authorized to take a self decision which will be accepted to all office bearer & Core committee members
 Our legal advisers Sr. Advocates

1.Mr.  Md Khursheed Ali

2.Mr. Anwar Patel